Events committee

Including Taste of Land Park Committee

Events and A Taste of Land Park Committee

The Events Committee manages LPCA events as well as our yearly fundraiser “A Taste of Land Park.” The team is responsible for planning, organizing, staffing, and supervising all LPCA events. The Events Committee Chair may be the chair/coordinator of the Taste of Land Park or may ask the President to appoint a chair.
Annually, the Events Committee submits a schedule of LPCA events for the forthcoming year to the Board for approval. At least four annual LPCA events should be on the calendar, including A Taste of Land Park (aka: TOLP). This committee requires creative, organized people who can commit to their role.

Past events include:

  • Easter Egg Hunt and Hat Parade (collaborated with the city council rep).
  • Summer Movie Night (collaborated with the city council rep).
  • Annual Membership BBQ.
  • Annual holiday luncheon for Eskaton residents.

The events committee collaborates with local businesses and organizations to create enjoyable moments that build community connections, fundraise, and spark interest in the LPCA.

The Events Committee meets as needed. For upcoming meeting information, check the LPCA Event Calendar.
Contact for more information or if you’d like to join.