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Chris Curry

Chris Curry

Christopher Curry joins our leadership team with a long track record of success in personal production and agency development. Working as a sales agent in the field for 7 years on both the captive and independent side of insurance. Christopher’s firm grasp on what individual agents and our personal clients want from a product and relationship, gives our executive team an edge on helping develop proprietary products for our Agents advantage. Continuing with our tradition of leading from the front, Christopher has been one of the top individual Marketers in the country for the past 10 years. He has been the lead recruiter of some of top Independent Marketing Organizations in the country. We are thankful to be able to add his leadership and experience to our executive team.



Spencer has been providing financial security to people around the Sacramento area for over eight years. He believes in putting others first and maintaining the utmost level of professionalism, whether it is with his clients or agents. He brings the highest degree of experience by listening to people’s needs and working diligently with them to implement a plan that meets their concerns. Spencer’s specialty focuses on Mortgage Protection which includes personal life insurance, disability income replacement, and annuities.

He has achieved several honors and awards during these years and used his platform to help train others to reach the same level of success. People would describe Spencer as transparent, helpful and hard working. He married his high school sweetheart and has two young boys. When he is not working, you’ll find Spencer volunteering through his church or out boating on Folsom Lake with his friends and family.

What We Offer

Mortage protection

Many of us work incredibly hard to be afforded a place to call home. Ensuring that if you don’t come home tomorrow, your home is paid off for your family is critical to any homeowner. Let us show you how that can be achieved and in a way that fits your budget.

Final expense

Protecting your family from the burden of worrying about money in a time they just lost someone close to them. Life insurance is designed to ensure your loved ones are provided for in the event of tragedy. 

Retirement Planning

Making sure you know exactly where you will be in your golden years. Having confidence in what you will be retiring with and passing on to your future generations.


Events & Incentives


To relationally value, and understand, each of our client’s unique situations … AND, to work hard to find the right solution which addresses the risk, as if the situation was our own.


We don’t try to fit a square peg in a round hole. One size does NOT fit all! We represent over 50 of the largest insurance carriers. That means we have access to the products and programs that will fit your unique situation. Let one of our experienced agents help you find the right peg.


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What our client says

"A company that doesn't forget where they com from. I've witnessed this brokerage grow and yet I have never felt any less taken care of. Extremely professional and proficient to boot!"

Happy Client

"This group is incredibly personable with their clients. I have been relying on these guys for over 5 years now and can't see myself going anywhere else for my insurance needs! Thank you A1 !"

Happy Client