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I can teach you skills and give you tools to help you on your path to leading a happier, more fulfilling life.

Need help Navigating This Thing Called Life?

You’ve always been a woman with a plan. You know–or once knew–exactly where you were heading. Whether it was a fulfilling career, a big happy family, or a cinematic romance, all you know is that one moment you were on your path to reaching your goals and the next moment, life throws a wrench in your plans. Where there was once comfort and happiness, there is now stress, anxiety, or even loss. You feel like the rug has been pulled out from under you to cope with transitioning through a major life event.
I’ve helped many women and couples in similar positions regain the confidence they once had and empowered them to reignite the spark of joy in their lives once again. I work closely with women and couples who are struggling to cope with big changes in their lives and help them gain a deeper understanding of themselves. If you’re experiencing overwhelming feelings of anxiety, depression, guilt, or loss of self, I can teach you skills and give you tools to help you on your path to leading a happier, more fulfilling life.

My Specializations


I work with women who are navigating a new marriage, a breakup, separation, divorce, or questioning their life-purpose and empower them to find their spark, their joy, in life once again

Parenting Issue

Struggling as a new mama, mama-to-be, or trying to become a mama? The struggle to become a parent and to be a parent can be overwhelming both physically and emotionally and can have a huge impact on both the mom and the relationship.


I help couples work through the challenges and rough patches that have been eating away at their intimacy, trust, and communication and move to a place where they can feel comfortable opening up to each other and healing together.

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