Walk & Talk Counseling
Talk Therapy + Mindful Movement
Tired Of Being Stuck Inside All Day? Let’s get outside and go for a walk. In addition to traditional talk therapy, I offer walk and talk counseling, which combines talk therapy with mindful movement. Research shows that walking is good for the body and mind and may even improve psychotherapy sessions. It’s also great for moms with babies. We can walk and stroll with your little one, which can make counseling sessions more convenient.

According to leaders in the industry, there are three key benefits for combining exercise and therapy:*

  • It encourages you to be more physically active for mental and physical health reasons.
  • It helps you get “unstuck” when confronting difficult issues
  • It spurs creative, deeper ways of thinking, often released by mood-improving physical activity.

*Katie Hays, PH.D author of Working it out: using exercise in psychotherapy

Walk & Talk Frequently Asked Questions
How long are the sessions?
Sessions are the same length as traditional talk therapy sessions, which is 50 minutes. However, it is up to you how much of the session we actually walk. If you’d like to walk for less time, we may start in my office and then begin walking for the remainder of the time, or we may start the session with a walk and then finish in my office.
What if we run into someone I know?
If we see someone you know, you can handle it in any manner you wish. I will not engage in conversing with others without your consent, so I will follow your lead in how little or how much we interact with other individuals.
How do I get started?
Walk and talk therapy is scheduled the same as individual sessions. Clients either let me know ahead of time that they would like to walk during their session with me, or we may decide together to move therapy outside spontaneously during our session. There may be times, whether due to weather or scheduling issues, that I will not be able to accommodate a walking session, and we will need to meet in the office. I reserve walk and talk therapy for individual sessions only. Remember to bring your comfortable walking shoes to walk and talk sessions!

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